Coinmarketcap ETH Merge Quiz Questions starts form Question No.6


Below are all the questions and answers you need to give to earn Coinmarketcap 1 ETH? Good luck everybody

Coinmarketcap ETH Merge Quiz Answers | Learn & Earn 1 Ethereum Token

Coinmarketcap ETH Merge Quiz Questions starts form Question No.6

Q1. The Ethereum Merge will reduce gas fees on the network by approximately how much?

Answer: 0%

Q2. Following the Ethereum Merge, how long will it take for a new block to be generated?

Answer: Every 12 Seconds

Q3. The Ethereum Merge will reduce transaction times on the network by approximately how much?

Answer: 10%

Q4. Which of the following are possible actions that ETH miners might undertake following the Merge?

Answer: Transition to other GPU-mined proof-of-work coins like Ethereum Classic and Ravencoin. Miners could also dedicate their hardware to other GPU-intensive activities, such as machine learning or rendering farms. Potential fork of proof-of-work Ethereum, which will allow miners to continue their operations

Q5. What is the current proof-of-stake Beacon Chain staking reward APR?

Answer: 4.1%

Q6. When can staked ETH be withdrawn after the Merge?

Answer: After the Shanghai update

Q7. How much ETH do you need to run your own validator?

Answer: 32

Q8. If you do not own 32 ETH, what options do you have to participate in validating the network? (Choose one or more).

Answer: Pooled staking (including liquid staking solutions like Lido) Staking on centralized exchanges Running a node that does not propose blocks, but still supports the network by listening for new blocks to verify them.

Q9. In what order was the Ethereum Merge rolled out on Ethereum public testnets?

Answer: Ropsten, Sepolia, Goerli

Q10. Following the Merge, what is the order of upgrades that Vitalik Buterin announced for the network?

Answer: Surge, Verge, Purge, Splurge

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